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Commercial VO Demo - Phyllis Pastore
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Including demo with and without FX, Animation demo, character voices, resume and photo.

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Animation Demo - Unknown Artist
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Accents and Characters

Below are samples of animation voices and accents


Narration for the Prologue in the Argyle Theatre production of Beauty and the Beast

Unknown Track - Unknown Artist
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Accent Samples - Phyllis Pastore
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Very Young Girl
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Evil Queen
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Irish Woman
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Teen Boy
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Snoring Dragon
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Roscoe the Dog
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Cockney Woman
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Alien Being (non-gender specific
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Old Woman
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Warm, Motherly
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Monotone Teen Girl
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Energetic Older Woman
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"... I have listened to [my] fair share of voices and I would definitely put [Phyllis] on a short list.  Most of the reads are very straightforward (with plenty of pleasing modulation and emotion). On the more playful copy she sounds authentic, fun and not overdone. That’s hard to do. The real “extra” to her voice overs are the occasional moments when Phyllis’ voice just skitters by the depths of a faint growl that I’ve heard in her cabaret performances. It’s sort of like her own “signature sound.”"

-- Don Cohen

Marketing Manager

Winnebago Industries

"She's just the best, possessing a rich sound with the voice of authority, a sincerity that sells, and a comic sense that comes from many years of knowing exactly how to read an audience…"

-- Sam Brennan


Cimarron Denver

VO Sample Reel
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